Thursday, July 9, 2015

Decided to try my hand at making a batik colorwash quilt.  The 2.5 inch squares will take forever to sew.  I keep moving the squares around and cutting more.  Don't know if the finished quilt will look like this.  I made my first colorwash about ten years ago using a fusible grid. The sewing was a breeze.  Couldn't find any at local stores for this one.

I was inspired by Exuberant Color's gorgeous colorwashes.


  1. I like it! It really isn't that hard to sew together. Just take down columns one and two and sew them together, then go back to the wall and get column 3 and sew the pieces on, then column 4, and so on one at a time and before you know it it is sewn together. I fingernail press the seams as I go, row one to the left, row two to the right. Then I don't need to go to the ironing board until I have the whole thing sewn.

  2. Thank you. I did sew it row by row. It was displayed at a local restaurant and sold! Thanks again for the inspiration.

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