Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Colorwash Practice Piece

The forecast calls for a severe winter storm with snow accumulation and high winds.  A perfect day to hunker down and work in the cozy (as in small) studio all day. Got my fingers crossed that the electricity stays on.

I'm working on another colorwash using mostly florals.  I like the texture created using these bold muti-colored prints. Batik fabric provides the jewel tone color I love so much. Florals provide the texture I love so much.  Hmmm.  For now, I'm sticking with florals.

This morning, I cut out hundreds of squares to make more practice pieces.  I'll keep at it until I get the look I'm after.

For those in the region, enjoy your day!  The weather in DC has offered most of us the gift of a day to stay put.  


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